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One problem of machine made carpet industry problems is short life, then attending to sustainability is crucial. In recent years, social dimension, environmental dimension and financial dimension is regarded as sustainability dimensions. For achieving sustainability, diverse enablers have been introduced. The role of SC performance in this relationship is vague. In this study we investigated Impact of SC Enablers on SC Sustainability with moderating role of SC performance in machine made carpet industry of Iran. Statistical Society in first step is expert and in the second step is machine made carpet firms. For analyzing data, we use Delphi, EFA and DFA. Result has been showed that SC performance has the mediation role in the relationship between enablers and sustainability. In enabler's dimension, knowledge and info management and good relationship have the first importance. In SC performance and SC sustainability we didn't see any difference.
- abbas shoul
Keywords : supply chain sustainability ، supply chain enablers ، supply chain performance
Today, the role of knowledge-based companies has grown as one of the key pillars of the resistance economy. Considering the importance of the ability, expertise, and skills of these companies, consideration of the mental, emotional, and interactive characteristics of the company is an essential precondition for the realization of the goals in the knowledge-based companies. The higher the degree of affiliation of the company to the knowledge workers, the more meaningful the concept of performance management will be. However, so far, in the field of knowledge workers' performance, it has been evaluating the performance of these categories of employees. The prevailing characteristics of performance evaluation systems can be seen as the tangent, downside, downside and low level of integrity and effectiveness of the entire system. The research is composed of two stages. With a library study and a review of the research background, an eight-stage performance management model process was extracted. In the first step, after interviewing 16 experts , using the qualitative method of the analysis, the dimensions (stages) of the performance management process of knowledge workers were analyzed. In the second step, the research was conducted using the Structural-Interpretative Modeling (ISM) approach and the use of expert judgment to design a model for the performance management process of knowledge workers in knowledgeable Based companies.
mohamadmehdi bigdeli - mehdi hamzhepoor
Keywords : Performance Management, Knowledge Workers, Knowledge Based Companies, Structural-Interpretative Modeling (ISM) Approach
In the present era, technological innovation is a key factor in the development and advancement of societies, and technological entrepreneurship is recognized as the main source of disruptive innovation through identifying and effectively exploiting technological opportunities. Given the emerging concept of "convergence" in high technologies and novel opportunities resulting from that, it is necessary to recognize the various dimensions of this phenomenon, especially the process of identifying opportunities, as the first and most fundamental step of the technological entrepreneurship process. This research is based on the epistemology of "interpretiveism" and it is exploratory and based on literature on Entrepreneurial opportunities, technological corporate entrepreneurship, interdisciplinary studies and convergent technologies. In this research, the unit of analysis, is the "opportunity identification process" and the level of analysis, is "organization" and the concept of "convergence" as the dominant approach to research has been considered. Also, the research method is qualitative and research strategy, is a multiple case study. The collection of research data has been done through a semi-structured interview and observation of archival documents. The results of the research indicate the great importance of factors such as interdisciplinary understanding, interdisciplinary absorptive capacity, and the type of human capital in the process of identifying opportunities in active companies in the field of converging technologies
mohammad hashemi - Ali Mobini Dehkordi - Mohammad Reza Meigounpoory - kamal sakhdari
Keywords : Entrepreneurial Opportunity ، Opportunity Identification ، technological corporate entrepreneurship ، converging technologies ، interdisciplinary studies
Different dimensions of tourism and its relations with religious is an important issue in state management and religious stability planning. According to the important of recognizing correlation between different types of tourism with economy, the paper has studied the tendency of managers to modern, local and religious tourism. In fact, the paper is measured the quantity of managers tourism tendencies. A researcher-made questionnaire was used to collect information. The results showed that the relationship between all independent variables of research with the dimensions of collective tourism (religious, local/Eco-Tourism and modern) was significant. Among the variables, the value tendency system with a coefficient of 0.13 and religiosity with a regression coefficient of 0.255 are the most effective variables on religious tourism. The results also show that the variables of language and dialect with an effect level of 183/0, education with a coefficient of 142 religiosity with a coefficient of 0.41 are the most effective variables on local tourism. In the case of modern tourism, the variables of the value tendency system with the effect of 0.136, and religiosity with the coefficient of regression of -0.176 are the most effective variables on modern tourism.
- asghar abolhasani
Keywords : Tourism Management, Tourism Economy, Religious Tourism, Modern Tourism, Eco-Tourism

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