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The objective of this research is the design of a development process of urban entrepreneurship in workingwomen in Tehran city. The current research has a qualitative approach and utilizes the theory based on data. After selecting 14 outstanding urban entrepreneurs and woman using targeted sampling and semi-structured interviews, the data ware acquired. Then analyzed in three stages of selective, axial and open coding, leading to the identification of 4 main branches with 41 sub-branches. The results verify that the main aspects of the development model of urban entrepreneurship consists of causal factors (no discrimination, Family support, social values and norms, Religion and beliefs, establishment of supporting laws, Securing Women, development of technical and professional education,Provision of facilities and Promotion of entrepreneurial culture, Infrastructures, Methods and processes and Social innovations), the intervening factors(support of the public and private sectors, presence of media,System of education,Fixes barriers and permissions, community associations, External incentives,Support for new ideas and ideas, Parallel support services,Economic fluctuations,Social capital and Marketing services and promotions) and contextual conditions(Entrepreneurial behavior,Trust and Belief in Women's Ability, Experience and skill Inner encouragement, culture of the society, supervision and assessment, supportive statutory laws for ladies, Coordination between women, Network and communication skills and people) By shaping the policies and organizing educational plans, training courses, and empowering of women, as well as establishment of supportive units for the development, identification of the opportunities, Developing Protective Rules,Training and development of entrepreneurs and stability of the economy, the abovementioned factors might lead to a cultural, social and economic development, employment of women, motivation and tendency towards entrepreneurship, investment security and initiation and development of entrepreneurship among women. The outcomes of this research, improve the knowledge of researches in this area with regard to the objectives, challenges and consequences of the development model of entrepreneurship for workingwomen.
mina shahamat nejad - babak ziyae - Majid Ashrafi - Fereydoon Azma
Keywords : : entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship of urban , entrepreneurship of woman, workingwomen, data-based theory
Nowadays, evolution in science and technology has made the knowledge as a most strategic and value adding source, especially in academic canters. In addition, knowledge can help the core competency and performance of an organization when is used in the context of Open Innovation. (OI) Using open innovation in academic canters in order to collect information from the internal and external environment and convert it to knowledge ،is a vital activity to survive the organization in this varying environment. Universities and academic canters can achieve their goals by managing knowledge based on open innovation approach. This research is going to design a Knowledge Management (KM) model based on open innovation. The research uses qualitative methodology to generate the model. According to literature review and semi-structured interviews with 14 experts, technology, process and structure, culture, human capital and work are the important dimensions of the model. Also we found 12 components and 44 indicators for the 4 dimensions of the model. Finally, the model validation process was done by a questionnaire distributed among 56 KM and OI experts.
Reza i Hosnav - Ebrahim Mosayebi - Masome Oladian
Keywords : knowledge management ، innovation ، open innovation ، academic centers
The variety of ways in which customers engage with brands through social media has become a challenge for brand managers. The challenge is how to use social media with a strategic approach and how much content to generate so that company-customer interactions can create value for the organization. For this reason, it is important to know to what extent brands should focus on social media engagement satisfaction and its role in creating value for the organization. In this study, researchers will use descriptive and inferential statistics to analyze the data collected from the questionnaire to find the answer to this question. Also, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis along with structural equation model has been used for inferential data analysis. The results of this study suggest that high consumer satisfaction with brand interactions on social media is significantly effective in creating a higher customer longevity value for the brand. Also, high consumer satisfaction in brand interactions on social media has been effective in creating the value of higher customer influence for the brand, in creating the value of higher customer knowledge for the brand and in creating the value of customer knowledge.
Seyed Amir Hossein Madani - Abolfazl Danaei - gholamreza jandaghi
Keywords : Interaction satisfaction ، social media ، value creation ، customer longevity
The recognition and exploitation of international technological opportunities is the fundamental process is in the international technological entrepreneurship. Because of the radical changes in the high and advanced technologies related to the information technology , Dynamic capability is one of the important factors for IT based start-ups in the successful international value creation .this concept is under researched . For this purpose this study investigated managerial dynamic capability role in the international opportunities exploitation by IT based start-ups. By using multiple case study methodology and conducting 12 semi structured interviews with Iranian IT sector start-ups who participated in the international markets and analysing the qualitative data, the study show that managerial dynamic capability have the important role to foster international Technological entrepreneurship.
- Mohammad Hasan Mobaraki - Jahangir Yadollahi Farsi Yadollahi Farsi - Ali Mobini Dehkordi
Keywords : Dynamic managerial capability, International Technological opportunities, Information technology start-ups
The purpose of this research is to design a system for measuring corporate maturity for Video game companies . Designing this measurement system requires identifying key indicators of success in Video game companies. For this purpose, after reviewing various models, experts approved identified key indicators. In the following, the suggested indicators of the experts were added to the original model, Based on the final hierarchical model that has 4 main indicators and 31 components, a questionnaire was designed. The statistical population of this research is all managers and specialists of digital gaming industry in Iran. In this research, 70 people were selected using purposeful sampling method, and the return rate of the questionnaire was 45. In this study, the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) has been used to , the capability maturity model (CMM) was used to rate organization maturity. Based on the Organizational Maturity Measurement of video game companies The indicator of management and technology infrastructure is at the managed level, and there are indicators of game development, capabilities, and usability of the game and business performance at the defined level.
amin aalipour - Alireza Aliahmadi
Keywords : Organizational Maturity ، Video Game Companies ، Small and medium-sized enterprises ، Capability Maturity Model

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