فهرست مقالات

Vol. 58 No. 18 Spring 2019

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 1397021816336111989 The Survey the Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management on Innovation Capacity
fakhrieh Hamidianpour
2 13970619113610164287 Proposing a model for low cost carriers market in Iran
Mohammadreza Mahmodieh
Asef Karimi
3 13980327190183 Extension of The development methodology for hybrid multi-scale AB-SD simulation modeling in learning organizations
Alinaghi Mashayekhi
4 13980327190184 Cooperative pricing and advertisement for a bi-level supply chain using the game theory approach
5 13971215178030 A model of Human Resource Development in the public organizations of Iran by new public services approach (Case study: Ministry of Energy)
Seyed Saeed Hosseini
6 13970422113914143228 Identifying and Modeling of Industrial e-readiness critical factors For Establishment of E-Manufacturing
kamran feizy
Mohamad Taghi Taghavi fard
Jahaniar Bamdad Soufi
Hosein Vahidy
7 13970416205015133138 The Impact of Organization's capabilitis on Product Performance in the high-tech Defense Industry (Case study: Defense Electronics Industry
somayeh mehrabi gooravan
ebrahim mahmoodzadeh
alireza booshehri
majid ramezan
8 13970410214748113073 Identification of Spiritual Leadership Components and its Impact on Organizational Health
Mahdi Taghvaee
Alireza Khorakian
saeed mortazavi
9 1397062015527164315 strengthening the participation of the nongovernmental sector in financing higher education
atiyeh dadjoye tavakloli
MohammadAli Hosseini
Mostafa Niknami
Mohammad Javad Salehi
10 1396101910363840150 The Effect Of Customer Knowledge Management Performance With Moderating Role Of Innovation Capability In Insurance Industry : A Case Study On Alborz Insurance Company
nasrin talaeefard
Farhad Sanjarifard
nader salehi
11 13980321190060 Development of Multivariate Regression Relationship Between Factors Affecting Unemployment Rate
roya soltani
mahnaz ebrahimi sadrabadi
Ali Mohammad Kimiagari
12 1396100213394119843 Identification of factors influencing the decision-making behavior of individual investors and the related pattern Using the combination research approach
mohammadhossein abdorrahimian
taqi torabi
seyyedjalal sadeghisharif
roya darabi
13 13970421154740143213 An integrated model for a multi-product production-inventory-routing problem in a bi-echelon green supply chain
Adel Aazami
Ali Papi
mir saman pishvaee

Vol. 57 No. 17 Winter 2019

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 139511131148404837 Designing a Management Model for Acceptance New Media Technologies (Media Convergence emphasis
Babak Rahnavard
Kamran MohamadKhani
Aliakbar Farhanghi
Amir Hossein Mohammad Davoudi
2 139606291124108150 Investigating Effect of Technological Variables and Organizational Learning on Organizational Performance Through the Mediation of Organizational Innovation (Case Study: Iranian Industry Bank)
Mahdi Joneidi Jafari
Mohammad Aghdasi
3 139508221819503926 Presentation of interpretive structural model for claim management in the construction projects
seyed abolfazl mousavi
morteza bagherpour
4 1396120218183480955 Critical Success Factors Analyses in Sustainable Supply Chain Implementation with ISM Approach (Case Study: Automotive Industry)
5 139704301845143389 A model for evaluation of human resource development policies of government employees
Sayyed Ali Akbar Ahmadi
Karam. A Daneshfard
Asghar Seyf
6 139704142100133103 A Survey on the Current Status of Knowledge Management of Payame Noor University of Khuzestan Province
abbas abbas por
farhad kianfar
mohamad reza nili ahmad abadi
hamid rahimiyan
esmat momeni
7 13970509164435153586 Designing a Conceptual Model of Lean Leadership Based on Comprehensive Approaches to the Essence of Lean Concept
mir ali seyed naghavi
Jahaniar Bamdad Soufi
mehdi hamzhepoor
8 13970612112359164158 Promoting Brand Personality Based on Effective Variables on Brand
saeed mir
ali rashidpoor
9 13970701164523 Identifying the key factors affecting construction project portfolios combination in iran
maryam ameli basiri
Reza falsafi
ehsan eshtehardian
10 1396111313263050598 Investigating the effect of employer brand on human resources productivity with the mediating role of Talent Management (Case Study: Elites in a defense organization)
younes nazari
majid ramezan
Masih Ebrahimi
11 1397021904214112003
Mohammad Hussein Karimi gavareshki
Jafar Gheidar- kheljani
12 13970702164531 An Effective Communication Model Effectiveness of In-service training in Organizations
Behrooz Kavehie
Afsaneh Mozaffari
Masoomeh Kebriaee
13 139609011229419274 Impact of privatization through exchange on the performance of banks in interest-free banking system based on economic resistive criteria
Mohammad Nasr Isfahani
Mahmood Pirzadi
14 13970618193125164279 Ranking suppliers in sustainable supply chain, using data envelopment analysis (Case study: Region Six Water & Wastewater Company of Tehran)
Ali Naimi-Sadigh
Arman Sajedinejad
15 1397032015589112680 Observe privacy in cyberspace
Hosein Aliahmadi
Arash Shoghnian
16 13980321190064 Providing the best two- or multi-faceted barter between the two companies in the holding company
Saeed Mirzamohammadi

Vol. 56 No. 17 Autumn 2018

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13951206640235108 Impact of SC Enablers on SC Sustainability with moderating role of SC performance in machine made carpet industry of Iran.
Esmaeil Mazroui Nasrabadi
abbas shoul
2 139612152564091173 Implementation of Structural-Interpretative Modeling Approach in Designing the Performance Management Process Model for Knowledge Workers in the Knowledge-Based Companies
mohamadmehdi bigdeli
mehdi hamzhepoor
3 139611302353370947 Exploring of Opportunity Identification Process in Corporate of Converging Technologies
mohammad hashemi
Ali Mobini Dehkordi
Mohammad Reza Meigounpoory
kamal sakhdari
4 139607181315198464 Measurement of Economic-Management Tourism Dimensions of Religious, Modern and Local Tourism in Iran
asghar abolhasani
5 13970424144249143273 Optimizing Transportation Problems in Urban Management Area Using Orienteering Problem with Dependent Time Horizon
Mehdi Jafarian
Azizolah Jafari
Ramin Sadeghian
6 139611082161850481 A model to collaborate on R&D projects based on TRL
Hassan Torabi
Hossein Dehghani poodeh
Mohsen Cheshmberah
Mohammad Hussein Karimi gavareshki
Reza i Hosnav
7 1396121614343891194 Investigating the effect of the internet marketing on the growth of the exports market in Iran (Case study: Dried fruit exporters)
8 13970218125729111987 Using Meta-Synthesis Method to Proposing a Comprehensive Model of Effective Factors in Persuasive Advertising
sahar mashhadi
Tahmours Hasangholi Pouryasouri
Soheila Bourghani Farahani
abdolhossein karam pour
9 13961226125226101341 The effect of risk and resources on Firm's growth strategies in high tech industries
mohsen Parsajam
Bahman Hajipour
Esmaeil Fadaei Nejad
10 1397040215192112887 Ranking and leveling the progress and development of the provinces of the country by territorial justice approach in the fields of the "social, cultural and political", "economic and productive" and "infrastructure and technical"
11 13970329145237112836 Case Study: Iranian Law Responsibility of Internet service providers in e-commerce
Hosein Aliahmadi
Arezou Moeini Badr Mehr
12 139602091758425813 A model for change governance structures for implementation theocracy based velayat-e faqih
13 13980117178480 A dynamic capability approach on designing governance models in health care networks
Alireza Aliahmadi
Mohammadreza Rasouli
14 13980117178483 Investigating the behavior of bank customers after the merger of branches with the development of a cluster analysis model; Case Study: Mellat Bank
15 13980117178484 Comparative Study of System Thinking / Soft Operations and Systems Architecture
Mohamad Reza Mehregan
Mohamad Aboie Ardakan
mitra fahimi
16 13980117178485 Creating a systemic model for identifying the success factors of establishing a knowledge management system in aeronautical organizations and providing improvement solutions (case study: one of the Air Organizations)
17 13961222113135101277
S. Sepehr Ghazinoory
Masoud Afshari

Vol. 55 No. 17 Summer 2018

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13960126044345630 شناسایی فرآیندهای کسب‌وکار (مطالعه موردی: شرکت ساماندهی صنایع و مشاغل شهر تهران)
Mehrdad Agha Mohammad Ali Kermani
Atieh bozorgipour
2 13960820158359030 Prioritize Allocating Budget For Civil Project In Ministry of Sience, Research and Technology Using Fuzzy Anatical Hierarchy Process and Fuzzy Topsis
Alireza Aliahmadi
Mohsenali Shayanfar
Mostafa Farmani
3 13950821112383919 Develop a business model with a focus on central enterprise in a collaboration network
4 1396101915241240157 Synergistic leadership, post-modern approach to human resource flexibility and voice behavior
Sead aibaghi esfehani
Ramin Elahi Elahi
5 1396110319262850418 The effect of service brand dimensions on brand loyalty with the mediating role of customer satisfaction and brand attitude: A case study of Keshavarzi Bank branches in Torbat-e Heydarieh
mohammad rostampour
6 13960425557526997 Identifying Evaluation Criteria for the Political Behaviors of Chief Administrative Officers at Bank Maskan Iran Using DEMATEL - Fuzzy Delphi Technique
Naser Poursadegh
Rashid Zolfaghare zaferani
Amir Rezaee
7 139604211451526881 Investigation the effect of employee involvement on organizational citizenship behavior with moderating role of organizational identity
seyyed morteza ghayour
Ali pourang
Seyed ali ghaderi
elham nasiri
8 13960529178287624 Identifying factors affecting bancassurance desks efficiency, Case study: Bank MELLAT and MA Insurance
Mohsen Sadeghi
9 139611221846360760 The evolution of incumbents’ role during new nanotechnology based firms’ collaboration within new product development
Mohammad Ali Bahreini Zarj
Ali Mobini Dehkordi
Nima Heirati
Mohammad Reza Meigounpoory
10 1396112912432760926 Evaluating performance of IT department a fuzzy AHP and BSC approach
11 1396111511591450635 Investigating the Impact of Sustainable Supply Chain on Organization Performance using Balanced Score Card Approach (Case of: Fajr Jam Gas Refinery)
saeid sadeghi
laleh abbaslo
12 13950917117344140 The effect of oil shocks on the relationship between income - government expenditure in Iran And challenges of management and impulse control
Sadegh Bakhtiari
Morteza sameti
Homayoun Ranjbar
13 1396122022328101241 Designing the solutions to the existing damage guild system law adopted in 1392 in Islamic Parliament of Iran to enhance its effectiveness
Mohsen Sarami
Ebrahim Azizi
14 1396122112149101252 Designing and the Explanation of the Innovation Model in Production of the Food Products through a Study in the JAMM and ROZE TALAEE Food Products Industries Group
Ramezan Gholami Avati

Vol. 54 No. 17 Spring 2018

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 139506012347163198 An Analysis on Stationarity of Consumer Price Index (CPI) Time Series in Iran and Using ARIMA Model to Forecast For a Future Time Period
کاظمی kazemi
pourya souri
mehdi ghazanfari
mir saman pishvaee
2 139512021919105070 decision support system design by using data mining tools (CASE STUDY Cultural Assistance of University of Science and Technology)
Rouzbeh Ghousi
emad chizari
hani vahdani
3 13960712149498346 Performance measurement system in urban transportation usin BSC-ANP
Alireza Aliahmadi
4 139611309254970927 Determine and rank effective leadership components in cultural and art organizations through an Iranian Islamic approach using Fuzzy Delphi method.
mohammad chakoshian
reza sepahvand
mahmoodreza esmaeili
amirhoshang nazarpoori
5 1396102013333640175 The impact of human resource competencies on performance of knowledge- based companies
abbas abbaspour
6 139603271942316591 Investigating organizational characteristics during the go-go and adolescence stages using the PAEI framework and the system dynamics approach
Ramin Mowlanaour
Fatemeh Saghafi
7 139610212545540182 Determining the core capabilities of the network of collaborators in Complex Product Systems R&D outsourcing (Case study: An industrial organization)
Hassan Torabi
Hossein Dehghani poodeh
Mohsen Cheshmberah
Mohammad Hussein Karimi gavareshki
Reza i Hosnav
8 139606071558357810 presentation of a Structural Model for Entrepreneurial Personality traits of employees Based on the managers' power sources (Case Study of the government departments in West Azarbaijan Province)
yusef beighzadeh
farhad mahbobkhah
9 139606071558357810 presentation of a Structural Model for Entrepreneurial Personality traits of employees Based on the managers' power sources (Case Study of the government departments in West Azarbaijan Province)
yusef beighzadeh
farhad mahbobkhah
10 1396121322203291155 Investigating the Effect of Internal Communications and Staff Satisfaction in Supply Chain Integration
tavakol moharrami
Ali reza Irajpour
11 1396120814325281048 Explaining the position and role of the Supreme Leader in the favorable policy-making of the Islamic Republic of Iran
mehrdad bagheri pebdeni
mohamadbagher khorramshad
mohsen ghomi
amirali saifoddin
12 13961025914250274 Prioritizing Entrepreneurship he main ports of the North region of the IRAN based on vital technology as one of methods of the forecasting models
Parvaneh Gelard
13 139610241348350264 The survey of the effect of Workplace Spiritually on Service Quality with emphasize on Organizational Citizenship behavior
Ali shariat nejad
14 139611158164550631 Public Expenditure and Human Resource Productivity in Iran
Mohamad Taghi Taghavi fard
15 1396092912292119781 Structural Modeling of strengthening purchase intention in the Instagram as a social network
16 1397023012453112261 The Impact of Social Capital on Realization of Resistance Economics.
Abdolrasoul Afrasiabi
17 13970717164894
bahram afshari
Syed Ali Siadat
18 13971115177378 Ranking of Growth, Development and Progress of the Provinces of the Country in Different Areas

Vol. 53 No. 16 Winter 2018

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 139606211423228027
taher roshandel arbatani
hamid abdollahian
mohammad soltanifar
hesamodin Ashena
2 13960516210377406 Identifying and ranking the effective factors on hospital teams' productivity using ANP-BWM approach (A case study: The Sadjad hospital in Tehran)
Abdolreza Karimi
Marzieh Mozafari
Rambod Barandoost
3 139606231552588053 The effect of exchange rate fluctuations on financial and physical flow in a global supply chain
mir saman pishvaee
4 139509151647314114 An appropriate model for knowledge management to enhance a R&D department in a manufacturing industry
Masoud Latifian
Reza Tavakoli Moghadam
Taghi Torabi
5 139512171711415236 Overview of the effect of dimensions of intellectual capital and employee satisfaction based on internal marketing on competitive advantage
Alireza kamyab
Javad Dokuhaki
6 139603131921336340 Structural Pattern of the Effects of Total Quality Management Components on Staff’s job Performance Along with Moderating Role of Organizational Factors in Teacher Training Universities
7 139603221247306468 The Impact of Brand Extension Success Drivers on Attitude toward Brand Extension with Role of Mediator Service Quality (Case Study: Day Bank and Service Companies with Day Brand in Isfahan City)
Ali Kazemi
Azarnoosh Ansari
Hajar Rafie
8 13960507101277212 Developing and explaining of the performance enhancing model of company based on the effective components of intellectual capital and organization entrepreneurship
mirza hasan hosseini
Aliakbar Jowkar
Zynolabdin Rahmani
9 13960614112457918 Identification and Classification of Action Plans Influencing Sustainable Production, using Repertory Grid and Principal Component Analysis Case Study: Industrial Production Companies in Semnan Province
Mohammad ali Shariat
Soleyman Iranzadeh
Alireza Bafandeh Zendeh
10 139608212144539050 Detecting obstacles and chalenges of formation and development of innovation system in Iran’s General Aviation Sector
Bahareh Nabavi
Fatemeh Saghafi
Manoucher Manteghi
mehdi Mohammadi
11 139605181157167425 Designing lay-off pattern of human resources in local organizations (Case study: Municipalities of Esfahan province)
12 1396122712471101372
taraneh enayati
kiomars niazazari
13 139511141437334851 Explain the gap in entrepreneurship and technology commercialization in cooperation between industry and university
yazdan moradi
siamak noori
14 139511191355394906 Developing a Model for Managerial Skills Development of Iran Automotive Industry Managers in World-Class
Alireza Khojastehpour
Mohammadreza Pourebrahimi
Seyed Akbar Nilipour Tabatabaee
15 13960313142376332 Innovation in research; application of ICT for research challenges in IRAN
seyed reza fatemi amin
ebrahim mahmoodzade
16 13951019104264544 (Proposing a Rapid Plant Assessment Hybrid method using Data Envelopment Analysis for Municipalities Performance Evaluation (Case Study: Isfahan Municipality
Rouzbeh Ghousi
ali naddafpour
17 139509191150114152 Investigating the role of business intelligence effectiveness in organization's effectiveness
reza esmaeil pour
Adel Azar
Afsaneh Motamed
18 13960327439406555 Design and Presentation model of competency-based succession management system of Islamic Azad University managers (research based on qualitative approach grounded)
siros tadbiri
ehsan sadeh
alireza afsharnejad
19 139609199495119545 Developing a Performance Assessment Model for Industrial Organizations Based on Resilient Economics Policies and Sustainable Planning Based on Balanced Scorecard
hamidreza Masoudi
Alireza Aliahmadi
20 13960721197358500 Compilation Crisis Management Indicators with the Approach of Removing the Quran from Forgetfulness (Case Study: Calf Worship Crisis People of Moses)
Ali Nejatbakhsh Isfahani
Ezatollah molaeiniya
21 13960407234956722 Build, reliability and validation of Knowledge Management questionnaire based on the model of Nonaka and Take Uchi in Payam Noor University
abbas abbas por
mohamad reza nili ahmad abadi
esmat momeni
farhad kianfar

Vol. 52 No. 16 Autumn 2017

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 139509081241574070 Impact of green human resource factors on environmental performance in manufacturing companies (Case study: petrochemical companies in Assaluyeh and Mahshahr)
Soheila Bourghani Farahani
Banafsheh Fotovat
Maryam Khadem
2 139508171122253868 Assessing the impact of electronic Human Resource Management on creation of organizational agility (study of case: Bushehr Banks)
fakhrieh Hamidianpour
Habibeh Firoozi
3 139507301839233691 Information technology -based model of operations integrated strategies and its function on organizational performance
Seyed Mahmood Zanjirchi
hamidreza shokrizade
negar jalilian
4 139506111423583277 The model of technological knowledge role in enterpreneurial opportunity recognition and exploitation
Hossein Abolhassani
Ali Davari
Farhad Sanjarifard
5 139510121731294391 Assessment & Select IRAN Car Factories Technology Level with approach (FANP-DEMATEL -PANDA)
Habibollah Javanmard
6 139509151641264113 An Exploration and Examination of Factors Affecting Transfer of Training among Human Resources of Iranian Medical Science Universities, West Country
Yaser Sayadi
Saeed Rajaeepour
yasamin abedini
khalil gholami
7 139509111515454090 Selection a strategic process for applying the Lean Six Sigma methodology to improve performance by using a hybrid approach, BSC & DEA
Soleyma Iranzadeh
8 13950813184933828 (Recognition the components of organizational culture and its effect on the empowerment of human resources (Case Study: Mashhad Municipality
yousef ramezani
fariborz rahimnia
saeed mortazavi
gholamreza malekzadeh
9 13951005114594295 Developing a Performance evaluation model based on the Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy process (FAHP) and the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) approach (Case Study one of the Iranian food industries)
Rouzbeh Ghousi
ramiar dabaghian
10 13951204208445100 Developing an export nation brand identity model for Iran
Davood Feiz
SeydMohammad Mirmohammadi
11 139601211251475587 Investigating the effect of information technology on the capital decentralization and optimal management of Tehran city
Ali Naimi-Sadigh
Arman Sajedinejad
12 13951224145915400 Strategic orientation of the business and its impact on brand performance
Ali Pourang Pourang
13 13960418123616831 Providing a New Method for Customer Satisfaction Data Analysis (Case Study: Automotive Industry: Logan Car)
mahnaz ebrahimi sadr abadi
ali mohammad kimiagari
seyed mahdi seyed esfahani
14 139604101231516746 Enterprise Architecture Maturity Assessment Model in an Iranian Bank
masoud asgarimehr
Kamran Feizi
Ali Khatami Firoozabadi
Seyyed Habib Allah Tabatabaiyan
15 13960310134736268 Implementation of the strategic management model cultural organizations (Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults)
vajholla ghorbanizadeh
fattah sharifzadeh
davood hosseimpur
16 1396042891967063 A dynamic combination multi criteria decision making in the paper manufacturing industry based on fuzzy VIKOR type 2 approach
ramin sadeghian
fataneh yarahmadi
mostafa yousefi
17 13960313104236319 Exploring driver's refueling behaviors and tendencies in order to design the hydrogen fueling stations infrastructure (Case Study: Mashhad city
Ehsan Lotfi
Reza Sheikh
Bozorgmehr Ashrafi
18 139608221541179064 Evaluating the crowdsourcing key factors and its impact on project success
Mir Hamid Taghavi
Alireza Aliahmadi
Mohammad ali shafia
Ali Bonyadi Naeini

Vol. 51 No. 16 Summer 2017

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 139508222027583927 Design and offering conceptual model of investigation impact of strategic entrepreneurship on strategic innovation in knowledge-based firms of Bushehr provience
fakhrieh Hamidianpour
mahboobe shafiei
2 13950824019323935 The Role of Agile Manufacturing in Improving Organizational Productivity
gholamreza hashemzade khorasegani
Mohammad Reza Bahrami
3 13950817184043869 Exploring Content of Nurses’ Emotional Labour Dimensions and Investigating the Impact of Human Resource Management Practices on it in Mashhad’s Public Hospitals
Mostafa Kazemi
saeed mortazavi
4 1395060712153241 Developing the Roadmap of Succession Planning in the Organization (Case study: Iranian Gas Transmission Company, district 3)
Mostafa Najafi
Sharafeddin Mohammad arazi
Aliakbar Hasani
5 139506171031223315 Effective organizational elements and the results of cross-functional coopetition in small and medium size industries
Hossein Rahmanseresht
bahram jabarzadeh karbasi
6 139511231121464961 Identification and analysis of the affecting factors on the success of technology road mapping by using interpretive structural modeling technique
Afsaneh Ahmadi
Seyed Sepehr Ghazinoory
Fatemeh Saghafi
7 139508221620433925 Motion Algorithm from EFQM toward BSC in order to prioritize improvement projects of self- assessment.
mohammad saleh owlia
mohammad hosein abooie
8 13951022115214578 The Effect of Brand distinctiveness and performance on Brand Competitiveness with the Mediating Role of Technological Opportunism
Davood Feiz
Ali Reza Motameni
Asadolah Kordnaeij
Azim Zarei
Mahdi Dehghani Soltani
9 139511171847134887 Identifying and evaluation the effective factor on successfully implementation of ERP in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises with emphasis on the life cycle of this system (Case Study: Enterprises located in the industrial town of Rasht Sefidroud)
10 139603241229426509 Design human resource strategy according to jobs grouping in Tehran UAST
seyed aliakbar ahmadi
freshte amin
reza rasouli
11 139511141756484857 Identify and Prioritize indicators Of Knowledge-Based Soft Technologies Case Study:Computer Games
Alireza Aliahmadi
Tahereh Barideh
12 1395110784484764 Explaining the Patterns of Excellence in Excellence for Activist Organizations
Maryam Gholizadeh
13 139601301033355696 Stuyding the relationship between assertiveness and empathy of faculty members who have managerial positions (case study:Valiasr university of Rafsanjan)
marzieh kahnooji
14 139512251456495407
fatemeh sabouhi
ali bozorgi amyri
15 139605101539297295 Explanation of Human Resource Development Model Based on Islamic-Iranian Model
vahid nasehi far
saeid Askari Masule
16 139512211650145261 Work-life quality and organizational performance, using the Balanced Scorecard (Case Study: University of Science and Technology)
saeed khademian
hamed dehghanan

Vol. 49 No. 15 Winter 2017

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 139506041042353220 A multi-period planning model for honey export network design considering quality requirements
Alireza Grivani
mir saman pishvaee
2 13950607188473248 Identify factors affecting Internet Banking Service Quality Case Study: Mellat Bank customers
3 139602091139395807 A Functional Analysis of National Innovation System of IRAN
Javad Soltanzadeh
Kavous Heydari
Hamideh Dabbaghi
Reza Ansari
4 139602111210245838 Choose the best suppliers with a decision support system based on self-organizing neural networks in Oil Projects
mostafa yousefi
5 13951115225524863 An Integrated DEMATEL and Fuzzy ANP Techniques Based Assessment Model For Intrapreneurship with Approach EFQM
Kazem Nasiri Kashani
Fazlolah Jamalou
Leila Kiani
6 139602131444355871 Proposing a superior model to localize technology in petrochemical industry by using of fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making method
Mohammad ali shafia
Alireza Aliahmadi
Ali Bonyadi Naeini
Mir Hamid Taghavi
7 139508181019373876 Design Evaluation System of Human Resources in the Social Security Fund of Semnan by using Fuzzy Data Envelopment Analysis
Seyedeh Nazereh Seif Hashemi
8 13950822945553922 An Applicable Model for Diagnosing and Ranking the Key Success Factors of Project Risk Management (Case study: Research Institute of Petroleum Industry)
Mohammad Ali Hatefi
9 13950825202793959 The Effects of Cultural Intelligence and Transformational Leadership Style of Managers on Employee Resistance to Change
Fakhriyeh Hamidianpour
razie zarei
10 139508262323223977 Applied Science pathology training institutions skill Gilan province Tuesday ramifications approach and the Analytic Hierarchy Process( AHP)
alireza almaee
Roghayeh yousefnezhad lazarjani
11 139509121842474093 Entrepreneurial approach, the dominant approach to creating strategies In Iranian Successful companies
Seyed Mahmoud Hosseini
Bahman Hajipour
hooshang nezamivand chegini
12 13950930146434246 Relationship between quality of work life and organizational commitment:the role of moderators Employee empowerment
13 139511132336434844 The impact of Lifestyle portal design on the change of lifestyle
Mommad Reza Taghva
Kamran Feizi
Ali Khatami Firoozabadi
14 13950526114803137 Strategic analysis of citizen satisfaction with service quality of Shiraz҆ urban parks by using multi criteria satisfaction analysis
15 13950917014484134 An Investigation into the impact of Inter-university resource allocation mechanisms on educational and research performance of departments
Farzane Ghasemi
Masoud Khodapanah
Mohammad Reza Akhound

Vol. 48 No. 15 Autumn 2016

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13951018714254503
Alireza Aliahmadi
2 1395101872214504 Developing the Quinquennial Strategic Plan for the IRIB University
3 1395101874304506 Macro Architecture of Iran Healthcare Assessment System
4 13951018750464507 Investigating the impact and influence of emotional intelligence’s component on organizational commitment and job satisfaction using Dematel (Case Study: Central Iranian oil Fields Company (I.C.O.F.C))
Sirous Amirghodsi
5 1395101889194508 A New Approach to the Conceptual Explanation of Governance and the Characteristics of I.R.I
6 139510181130434519 Simulation of Impulse Buying Behavior in market: A Agent-Based Modeling Approach
Mohamad Reza Mehregan
Mohamad Aboie Ardakan
Zahra Sadeqi Arani
Mohsen Nazari
Omid Roozmand
7 139511051239494728
mohamadAli sarlak
8 13951105135484736 Identifying and Ranking the Dimensions and Components of Educational Stakeholders' Role on Implementation of Knowledge Management (Case Study: Mazandaran Province Education)
9 1395112016934916 Designing the Policy Intelligence Model for Implementing E-Government
10 139511201614264918 Studying the effect of Qualified Management on Environmental Management and Green Supply Chain and their impact on Green function ( A Case study done by:Pars Khazar co.)
seyyed sajjad mohtasham
Reza Esmaeilpour
Mohammad Rahim Ramazanian
11 139511201621164920 The Effect Of Corporate Social Responsibility On Financial Performance And Consumer Reactions In The Food Industries
12 13960417914176816
majid hasani
Adel Azar

Vol. 45 No. 14 Winter 2016

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 1395071264633514
Alireza Aliahmadi
2 1395071265143515
Fatemeh Saghafi
3 13950712656253516
4 139507127133517
mir saman pishvaee
5 1395071275383518
6 13950712739483519
mir saman pishvaee
7 1395071274673520
8 1395071280413522
mehdi ghazanfari
Sayyid Ali banihashemi
9 1395071285493523
10 13950712812233524
11 1395071281773525
12 13971114177354
Soheila Bourghani Farahani

Vol. 44 No. 14 Autumn 2015

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 139507112040533503
Alireza Aliahmadi
2 139507112057473504
mir saman pishvaee
3 139507112114373505
4 139507112121353506
5 139507112130423507
Ezzatollah Asgharizadeh
6 139507112144313508
7 139507112152183509
8 13950711226233510
9 139507112211283511
10 139507112216303512

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